Impact at UTS

At the heart of UTS 2027 is a vision for creating excellent research that has a positive impact on society and improves people’s lives.

But what is research with impact? How can researchers connect with the end-users of their work? And how do universities show they are translating their research into real world impacts?

This series is aimed at UTS researchers and the broader academic community. It provides a shared understanding of what engagement and impact looks like, spotlighting best-practice examples of connected research and highlighting concrete resources for producing research with impact.

Associate Professor Martin Bliemel, the Acting Deputy Dean Research and the Director of the Diploma in Innovation at the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation at UTS, and host of the Impact at UTS podcast

In this series we’re going to explore what it means to do research with impact:

  • You’ll hear from some of your colleagues in HASS and STEM fields about how they have approached engagement and impact as part of their academic work
  • You’ll explore an impact framework and see how it could fit within your own research
  • You’ll learn how to plan for, measure and record your research impact and engagement
  • And hear about examples of research projects that involve end-users from the very beginning in order to understand the context of a problem and maximise real world outcomes.
  • Plus, we are going to do some myth busting about transdisciplinary collaborations.

And when you’re done listening, we hope that you will view research impact through a new lens and be inspired to think a little differently both about your own work, and the mission of the university.

“Doing research that’s impactful is part of the DNA at UTS. It’s part of the reason that we exist as a university to do work with public benefit.”

Julian Zipparo

Executive Manager of Research Engagement, Research Office