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History Lab

At History Lab we’ve got some good stories to tell

But we are interested in much more than just the story. Instead of an academic or other expert telling you what to think, History Lab wants to draw you in to the investigative process. It wants you to come along with us as we try to make sense of the traces the past leaves in the present. You’ll find that this can sometimes be confusing and frustrating: records are patchy, evidence is destroyed and a lot of the time people disagree about what happened and what it means.

But more often than not, trying to make sense of the traces of the past is also pretty exciting. Things are not always what they seem. Aren’t we always in the process of finding that out? Come and join us, as together we try and make sense of the big and little questions all around us.

Life's Lottery

Cycles of disadvantage are numerous, complex and greater than the sum of their parts. This podcast is about big ideas and novel approaches to breaking those cycles.

Is social mobility still possible? How can massive, global systems be changed? How can we prevent people from coming into contact with the criminal justice system? In conversation with public policy experts, thought-leaders, and people whose lives have been touched by disadvantage, Life’s Lottery delves into the latest research and new programs that are achieving meaningful and lasting change.

Life’s Lottery is a two-season podcast made by Impact Studios, in partnership with the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

Black Stories Matter

It’s time to start a new narrative about Aboriginal people, with Aboriginal people because Black Stories Matter.

2020 saw a global awakening. The re-emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19 have challenged traditional narratives, creating new opportunities for how we tell stories, who tells them and what stories are told.

Our guests have had front row seats to what’s gone wrong in Australian media reporting and share with us how Aboriginal perspectives have been silenced, and what the media can do to make things right.

The Black Stories Matter podcast is inspired by the book ‘Does the Media Fail Aboriginal Political Aspirations: 45 years of news media reporting of key political moments’ by Amy Thomas, Heidi Norman and Andrew Jakubowicz from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS.

The Black Stories Matter podcast was made with the support of Aboriginal Affairs New South Wales as part of a strategy to improve the dynamics between Aboriginal people and governments.

The New Social Contract

The New Social Contract seeks to contribute to a national conversation on how the relationship between universities, the state and the public might be reshaped as we live through the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us as we discuss the kind of higher education sector our society needs.

This podcast is hosted by Associate Professor Tamson Pietsch and produced by Impact Studios at the University of Technology Sydney.

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News grabs in the trailer feature the voices of:

Linda Mottram,Journalist on PM , ABC ‘Fears Australian universities could collapse in wake of COVID-19’

Alison Barnes, National President of the NTEU on Sky News ‘Govt university package all ‘smoke and mirrors’

George Megalogenis, Author and Journalist on Radio National Big Ideas ‘The purpose and future of the university (part two)’ a broadcast version of an event presented by the ANU College of Law and the ANU Centre for Law, Arts & the Humanities, that was curated and facilitated by Natasha Cica of at the National Library of Australia on 17 March 2020. Tamson was invited to participate in this talk as an expert in the history of universities, an area she’s been working on since 2004.

Brian Schmidt, Vice Chancellor, ANU on PM, ABC ‘Fears Australian universities could collapse in wake of COVID-19’

UTS 4 Climate

UTS 4 Climate brings together leading thinkers from politics, economics, science and journalism to continue the conversation on climate. This podcast features conversations conducted in 2020 by the Honourable Bob Carr, Industry Professor of Climate and Business at the University of Technology Sydney. This series creates a space to explore climate change from all angles and find practical answers to what we can do to address the climate crisis and secure our futures. This podcast was made by Impact Studios at UTS in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Futures.

Impact at UTS

Now more than ever we need to rethink what research we do, how it’s done and the impact we want it to have. The University of Technology Sydney is filled with award winning engaged and impactful research that’s making a huge difference in the world. Join Associate Professor Martin Bliemel, along with some of the top thinkers at UTS to learn how to deliver excellent research with impact that transforms society and reshapes our world.


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