Impact Studios

Australia’s no 1 university for research impact

Powerful stories change the conversation and shift the dial on the challenges facing our communities and our society.

Impact studios understands that stories have impact.

If you are making a difference with your work, your research or your social enterprise we can help you amplify your impact through storytelling. Telling your story and sharing your knowledge can create change and have a real impact in the world, changing minds and inspiring action.

In a media environment dominated by the bite-sized factoid and muddied my disinformation, Impact Studios specialises in long-form, in-depth storytelling in audio, multimedia and live formats. We have particular expertise in audio because that’s where the audience is: 43 per cent of Australians listened to a podcast in the last month. Podcast listeners are deeply engaged in the stories they hear. They listen often, and they listen all the way through, then they recommend their favourite podcasts to people they know.

Our award-winning team has strong research backgrounds in both media and academia. We can connect you with expert talent across UTS and beyond to help you or your organisation participate in the public conversation as thought leaders.

As well as producing media, we deliver storytelling workshops so that you and your team or  organisation can gain the skills you need to amplify the work you do.

So whether you are a researcher, a business, a non-profit or a cultural institution, Impact Studios is ready to tell your story. Our team of producers will collaborate with you to develop, produce and evaluate your media project so that you can reach your stakeholders, your community and a larger audience.

To learn more, listen to this short podcast about how we do our work, and contact us to start a conversation about how we can help you.

How we make audio

Impact Studios has a bespoke approach to all audio outputs. Our production timeline is usually broken down into five stages:


Award winning work

Our Podcasts