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Schools and the Australian Media with Jacqueline Maley

March 22 · 23 MIN

Jacqueline is a senior writer and regular columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers. In this fifth episode we ask about her own unique writing processes which are not necessarily ‘scientific’ but driven from the news cycle and topics that she might be discussing with friends, family and current events.


Show Notes

Gore, J. & Mockler, N. (23 June 2022). Teachers the fall guys for a failing system. SMH

Hayes, D. (25 July 2022). Here’s what a brave education minister could do right away to fix the horrific teacher shortage. EduResearch Matters

Mockler, N. (2022). Constructing teacher identities: How the print media define and represent teachers and their work. London: Bloomsbury.


School Funding and the Teacher Shortage with Chris Bonnor

March 22 · 25 MIN

Chris is an education commentator and former school principal. He is a longtime campaigner for public education and his recent publications both in books and online opinion pieces in national publications focus on equity and funding. He is not hopeful about where education in Australia is at, he says: “It’s in the too hard basket. We have left so many things undone, for example, we haven’t solved the problem of equity – private providers undermine equity – it’s a system at war with itself. Deep structural reform is needed.”


Show Notes

Bonnor, C. (13 August 2022). Solve school crisis by funding most in need. SMH

Bonnor, C. (21 September 2022). We couldn’t have built a less fair system if we tried. SMH

Eacott, S. (22 September 2022). What we must do now to rescue Australian schools. AARE EduResearch Matters

Greenwell, T. & Bonnor, C. (2022). Waiting for Gonski: How Australia failed its schools. Sydney: UNSW Press.


Teacher Education and the Teacher Shortage with Emeritus Professor Alan Reid

March 22 · 26 MIN

Alan is one of Australia’s leading education research scholars. In this third episode we talk to him about the damaging effects of neo-liberalism on education and why policy in Australian education is taking us backwards.


Show Notes

Hunter, J. (16 August 2022). Teacher shortages and the ‘crisis’ in rural and remote schools, incentives and what needs to change. Interview on ABC radio

MCERA webinar (26 August 2022): The underlying and overlooked aspects of the teacher crisis. Webinar link

Reid, A. (2019). Changing Australian education: How policy is taking us backwards and what can be done about it. Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin.

Varadharajan, M., Carter, D. & Buchanan, J. (2021). Career change student teachers: lessons learnt from their in-school experiences. The Australian Educational Researcher, 48:107–124.