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Producers: Tom Allinson & Sarah Marshman

Executive Producer: Tom Allinson

Hosts: Tamson Pietsch and Anna Clark

Image Credit: That’s Tamson and Olivia hunting audio on a ferry

Podcast playlist


Skeletons of Empire

December 11 · 37 MIN

In the aftermath of World War One, nations came together in an attempt to ensure war on the same devastating scale could never occur again. The result? The League of Nations: a revolutionary idea to form the world’s first international organisation. But clearly it did not stop the world from going to war.

A century later we are still questioning our ability to come together. In this episode, Glenda Sluga and Ninah Kopel search for the ephemeral traces of a unified past. They find stories of hope, ambition but also skeletons lurking in the closet. Many say the League failed. But did the spirit live on?


Invisible hands

December 04 · 36 MIN

Where do jelly babies come from?

Mass-produced things are all around us. But they all start with a single object. In this episode, Olivia goes looking for the patternmakers, whose invisible hands are the original creators of much of the stuff we use every day. They see a world no-one else can see. So why are they disappearing? And what will we lose when they are gone?


Producer: Olivia Rosenman

Collaborating historian: Jesse Adams Stein

Host: Tamson Pietsch

Executive Producer: Tom Allinson


The Bank, the Sergeant and his bonus

November 27 · 32 MIN

In 1817, the Bank of New South Wales opened as the first financial institution in the Australian colonies. But when the first customers arrived for the grand opening, they found someone had already made a deposit. Where did the money come from? Our producers, Jason and Nicole, follow the record trail and discover the uncertain foundations of Australia’s first bank.