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August 23 · 17 MIN

Treating post traumatic stress disorder in military veterans and first responders is complex, uncertain work. What part does memory play? Does it help to relive the trauma? Join clinical psychologists from UTS who evaluate programs used by clinicians at St John of God Hospital, on the outskirts of Sydney.




Associate Professor David Berle, specialising in PTSD in the discipline of clinical psychology in the Graduate School of Health at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)


Dominic Hilbrink, senior clinician at St John of God Hospital, Richmond


Warwick Slarke: former NSW police officer




Darkened Treeline published by Blue Dot Sessions


‘Nothing about us, without us’: Autistic girls, women and gender diverse people lead new research

June 07 · 19 MIN

For years, it was assumed that autism affected boys at four times the rate of girls.

New research is challenging that thinking and looking at why autism in girls, women and gender diverse people has been overlooked for so long.

Inspired by the disability rights slogan, ‘Nothing about us, without us’, a team of autistic women and non-binary people have been working with researcher Rachel to set the landscape for this research frontier.

How can research improve the lives of autistic girls, women and gender diverse? Where should we be focusing our resources?

In this episode:

Dr Rachel Grove, researcher in to autistic girls, women and gender diverse people

Tess Moodie, queer, non-binary, proud Pallawa woman and advocate in the areas of gender-based violence, disability, autism and in the LGBTQA+ community.


Can you handle the heat? Keeping cool on the job

June 07 · 18 MIN

Heat stress comes with the job when you’re a firefighter.

But if you’re fighting a bush fire in the middle of a national park, or on a busy city motorway, what is the most effective way to cool down? How effectively you can do this has life-threatening implications. 

This ground-breaking partnership with NSW Fire and Rescue puts a scientific lens on the issue and seeks to find the best solution to heat stress.

In this episode:

Andrew Richardson, health and fitness adviser with Fire and Rescue NSW

Dr Hugh Fullagar, senior lecturer with the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation at UTS

Mark Gabriel, rescue firefighter at Fire and Rescue NSW