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August 23 · 17 MIN

Treating post traumatic stress disorder in military veterans and first responders is complex, uncertain work. What part does memory play? Does it help to relive the trauma? Join clinical psychologists from UTS who evaluate programs used by clinicians at St John of God Hospital, on the outskirts of Sydney.




Associate Professor David Berle, specialising in PTSD in the discipline of clinical psychology in the Graduate School of Health at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)


Dominic Hilbrink, senior clinician at St John of God Hospital, Richmond


Warwick Slarke: former NSW police officer




Darkened Treeline published by Blue Dot Sessions

October 11 · 18 MIN

Women are more likely to experience domestic violence when they are pregnant. 

This is a time when they develop a close working relationship with midwives. 

So how do we train midwives to look for the signs of domestic violence and to offer appropriate support? How do they make use of the intimate relationship they develop with pregnant women. 

‘Fear is the biggest barrier. You live with these men and you see their rage and veiled threats. You know you’re not safe’. 

October 11 · 43 MIN

Death and dying is sometimes seen as the Cinderella in the medical world. 

When it comes to palliative care, there is no cure. But there is the challenge of helping people die well. It’s about living well more than dying. 

Most research for existing drugs and interventions overlook their uses for people experiencing the end of their lives. 

In this moving episode, we explore what we mean by ‘a good death’ and what researchers are doing to transform the experience for those in palliative care. 

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