How we make audio

Impact Studios has a bespoke approach to all audio outputs. Our production timeline is usually broken down into five stages:

Step 1 - Research and Development

Concept design

Research comprehension 

Project management, scheduling & budget allocation

Onboarding of audio producers/creatives

Story development & talent booking including host

Development of output episode plan/ treatment

Step 2 - Production and Recording

Studio recording 

Producer field recording/s

Script writing & revisions

Audio editing

Feedback round/s including ‘Group listen’

Fact checking & editorial discussions

Stage 3 -Mixing and post production

Sound design, mixing & mastering

Music composition or allocation

Development of promotional material

Development of marketing strategy

Stage 4 - Distribution

Hosting platform & feed management

Distribution strategy with media partners

Stage 5 - Analysis & Metrics

Data collection & metric analysis

Development of an Engagement-Impact Report

What type of podcast / audio output should I make?

There are a number of formats for podcasting. The type of audio output you make is dependent on your purpose and budget and how you answer the following questions:

1. What kind of audio output are you making?

2. How many episodes, is it a series?

3. How long is each episode?